Make yourself a priority. Fill yourself up so that you can give more to others.
— Oprah Winfrey

Welcome! I’m Janelle, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Leader with doterra. 

A few years ago wellness became a priority in my life, prompting me to take the initiative to expand my knowledge and learn about healthy alternatives, essential oils being one of them. Following my passion, I launched my business in 2015 to help others discover the tools necessary to live a high energy, natural, and vibrant life. 

I studied at West Chester University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Business and later received my Holistic Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I believe in balance and doing things to feel beautiful and healthy from the inside out. After all, it all starts from within- body, mind and soul. 

To further nurture my mind, body, and soul I enjoy traveling, outdoor adventures, yoga, matcha anything, touring vineyards and smoothie shops, honeybee latte’s, volleyball, hiking, horseback riding, and antiquing. 

I’d be honored to connect and work with you, guide you, and encourage you to seek the knowledge needed for you to live a healthy and vibrant life.